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The Cloud as it Should be

With choosebox you have all your files in one single space. Really… one cloud drive with all your stuff in the way you like it.

Stay Smoothie While Searching for Your Files

Since you can organise your files like you are used to and are not bound to one cloud service, you can get things done in no time. Just use the explorer or finder: Cheers!

Bring Peace to Your Password Madness

Once you combine all your cloud storages into choosebox you can forget about logging in and out of your different accounts.

Choose your Juice

Have your cloud your way. Add what you want and what you need at anytime.

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Make Your Own Mix

Chances are you are using more than one cloud service already. Use these together to make the most out of them and get virtually almost unlimited storage.

Unlimited Possibilities

If you need more juice, simple add another cloud storage and enjoy. You can use the most common cloud storage providers already but we work on new integrations constantly.

Upload with no Restrictions

Have a file that exceeds your storage or upload limit? The Cloud Blender Technology deals with that problem by distributing parts across your cloud services. So... Will it Blend? Yes indeed!

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What the Security?!

We are Germans so we take security and privacy pretty seriously. Here are some of the technical fruits we use at choosebox.

Cloud Blender Technology

Cloud Blender Technolgy

Our self-developed Blender Technology makes using multiple clouds in one platform possible, but also adds another layer of security. Every file gets split into pieces and distributed across your various cloud services.

Real Zero Knowledge Privacy

Real Zero-Knowledge Privacy

No one will be able to access your files once you use choosebox. Not the cloud provider you integrate, not us and not your mom that keeps telling you to eat more vitamins.

Absolute End-to-End Encryption

Absolute End-to-End Encryption

We encrypt all your data end-to-end with the highest available standard called AES-256. Ask a major bank or your government. They probably won't answer but to put it shortly: They use the same encryption techs as we do.

Stay Synced Across Devices

No one knows when you’ll need that fancy new cocktail recepie your wrote. But we bet it will be on the go in a bar or at the next party.

But What About My Files That are Already Shared with Others

Dropbox, Google Drive and co. work just fine and you can still work with them if you need.

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You most likely have already a couple GBs of cloud storage. Make the most out of them by unifying them into one place. The two first cloud services are on the house.

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