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We appreciate every feedback and suggestions to choosebox. You might want to look at our roadmap to see what else is in store in the longterm


Why do I have to pick an empty folder in the beginning?

Much like most other cloud storage providers we offer a single folder where all your
files are synced.
Unlike the other cloud storage providers, we let you choose where you want to store this
folder. Just select the path of your choice and drag the files you want to store into the folder. Easy as pie!

Why are there weird files in the choosebox folders in all my clouds now?

Those folders contain the - for others - unreadable fragments of your files. 
You should not copy files here or delete the contained files, because it might damage your choosebox files.

Where can I see my total storage?

The cup in the main view shows you how much storage your implemented cloud storages have. At the moment, the API of the cloud providers don’t allow us to track how much storage of your clouds is already in use. That’s why we can only display the free storage each cloud provides. But we are working on a solution to give you the best information about how much storage you have in total and how much is left of it.

Why is there less storage used than the total size of files I uploaded?

Before we encrypt and upload your files, we also compress them. This means, depending on the file, its size can be reduced by 5 to 90 percent.

Why do I have less storage than the other day?

Some providers offer some temporary bonuses. MEGA for example offers 35 GB for the
first 30 days, 15 GB if you install the mobile app and 10 GB for a recommendation to a friend. If one of these temporary storages is terminated, we will show you the new total storage size. Be sure to keep an eye on those storages, so that your files are not lost when the providers reduce your storage.

On which systems can I use choosebox?

Currently choosebox is well tested for Windows 10. However, it will likely run on older
Windows versions.
In addition, we are working on the cross-platform-support. Mac, Linux, iOS and Android will be available soon.

Connecting a cloud

Connecting and

Implementing and requires you to activate your free storage on those two providers first.
For click on "Online-Speicher" in the menu bar and follow the instructions.
For click on "MediaCenter" in the menu bar and follow the instructions.

Connecting other clouds

Other clouds are connected just by logging in once. This either happens in choosebox
(MEGA, Magenta, CloudMe, Yandex) or in a separate browser window that opens automatically after you click on the cloud you wish to connect(Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive).


How secure is choosebox?

To put it simple: choosebox is super secure. We use AES-256 and SSL encryption, which is
also used by banks and the military, to guarantee you real end-to-end encryption. In addition, we use our cloud blender technology to make it practically impossible to hack your data stored in the clouds.

Can any of the cloud providers see my files?

Thanks to our cloud blender technology, only fragments with no informational value for
the cloud providers are uploaded. Even if they have a key to your account, they will not be able to access your original files.

Does choosebox have access to my files?

Absolutely not. We think, what is private shall remain private and follow a strict zero-knowledge-policy, so only you have the key to your files. No cloud provider no government and not us will ever have access to your files in choosebox.

What is the cloud blender technology?

We developed the cloud blender technology, to securely and evenly distribute your
files to all your cloud storages. Every file you upload is compressed, encrypted and then split into many fragments. Those fragments then are distributed to your connected cloud storage, similar to a RAID 5 system.
The location of your fragments is safely stored, so you can recover your files in case of an emergency.

Do you use redundancy?

To save storage, we are not storing your files redundantly. However, we are working on
an option to store your files with the extra pinch of security.

Do you keep older versions of my files?

Yes, we are using versioning. At the moment, you cannot select a previous version and recover it from the cloud yourself but soon there will be an option for recovering different versions of your files.

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